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Wild flowers of Finlansd. We wander around East Finland area, mainly near Savonlinna and Rantasalmi studing and observing different kind of wild flowers. Wild orchids, bog plants, water plants and many common and undangered species of northern flora are found here.

Wild flowers of Finland 2011      285€  Including accommodation (2 nights), transportations, picnick lunch and guiding. 


Wisiting attractions:
1. day: Bogs
2. day: Forests
3. day: Linnansaari National Park

We spend whole day oudoors looking for Finnish wild flowers and many times also birds, butterflies, dragoonflies etc. This very good trip for photographers also.


Price: 50€/person/1day, 85€/person/2days, 125€/person/3days without accomodation. 


Minimum participations: no


Group price: ask for it!

2011 trips: 22. - 24.7    Register now!


Duration: 1 - 3 days


Equipments and skills needed: You need good outdoor shoes ( wander shoes ) or rubber boots. Normal physical health for walking in different kind of situations. No extra skills needed. We spend hole day outdoors, so no toilets and other services are not always available.


Starting place: Rantasalmi.



Trillivikla, Elina Enho / 050-5450294

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