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titleSee the extremly endangerous Saimaa ringed seal Pusa hispida saimensis. Did you know that there are more Giant Pandas and Indian tigres than Saimaa ringed seals? There are strong will of saving this rare animal, and that is why we are making trips to watch them.

Ecological aspect of this trip: All the guides and other participants are local people. Using these services You support the local employment and surviving this rare mammal. Help peolple to take care of they enviroment and living in this rural area. We take care of not disturbing the animal or anyway to make they living unpleasent. This trip is planned together with local authorities who are taking care of protecting this extremely endangedred mammal.

About the seal:
- they live alone, they are hermits
- population is slivered different parts of the Lake Saimaa area and puts them to gentical isolation
- Linnansaari National Park is only place where you can get guided trips to spot these fantastic animals
- seals are not shy, more like curious, and they come to see the boat if there are any seal near by
- these seals spend most of they life under water, they even sleep under water!
- in winter, when all lakeas are covered with thick ice, they spend all of they time under ice and they are not been seen

Available hole summer but best seasons are:
Spring: May - June
Autumn: August - September

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Trip repot 2011

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Trip report 2012

A Saimaa seal (Picture by Heikki Kurkela)

A seal spotted laying on the rocks in the evening at August.
Notice that its fur is wet and the marks, the rings, are very visible.

A rare picture: seal spotted on the ice at April

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