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Tour skating on the glacial expanse is umemorable experience. At november and december, before the snow cover the landscape, there are variety opportunitie to enjoy the freedom of endless lake area of Eastern Finland.

The guides are local experts and tour skating enthusisasts. Day tours can variate between 10 – 50km, depending the weather and ice condition.

If interested, please send us mail for further information about the trips!

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Ekological: Guides and trip organizator are local people, who know the area well. This support the empolyment of rural areas and give living opportunities for local enterprises. This trip do not harme any animals or damage the precious enviroment of the area.

Price: 35€/person, minimum price / trip 70€

Price include: guiding

Mount of participants: 1 ->

Available: Noverber – December

Duration: 1/2 day to hole day

Guiding languages: english, germany

Equipments and skills needed: Customers should have proper outdoor clothing for skating. Use light and warm long underware and top of that winter proof thin outdoor clothing. Your head and hands should be covered properly. You need extra clothing in back bag, incase of getting wet. You will get proper list of clothes and other assesories when register for this trip. Skates, skating shoes, poles and etc are available for rent.

Good fysically helth and motor co-ordination is needed. Skating skills is not essential before hand.

Route information: Route depends about the ice condition. We operate normally at Varkaus – Rantasalmi – Savonlinna region

Further information is available
The guide Mr Jari Heiskanen
General information
Local Tourist office Rantasalmen Matkailu



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